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Akkana and Dave Win at the Slots

We had two goals for this trip: The trip took us through the Hualapai reservation in southwestern Arizona, to Page, in northeastern Arizona, then back and forth along the Arizona/Utah border as we returned home.

When not hiking, we spent a fair amount of time on dirt roads, where the RAV4 aquitted itself quite well everywhere except on Sand Mountain near Hurricane, UT, where the lack of good off-road tires defeated us in our attempt to find the dinosaur tracks mentioned on the map.

[bottom of the grand canyon] The Vishnu Schist via Peach Springs and Diamond Creek. (The Grand Canyon)
[mule train on south kaibab trail] Down the South Kaibab trail (but only partway). [] Eastern Grand Canyon, Desert View Road.

[antelope canyon] Antelope Canyon. (Slot Canyons)
[water holes canyon] Water Holes Canyon. [wire pass slot canyon] More slot canyon hiking: Wire Pass / Buckskin Gulch.

[Zion from a distance] Heading home.

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