Imperial Dunes

East of the Salton Sea is a huge dune field, used as an off-road playground for sandrails and motorcycles.  Though controlled by the BLM, it's unusually rulebound and doesn't allow many places to park and take pictures without a permit (not clear where one gets that).  We finally found a staging area which seemed to allow parking, and took some pictures.  We even tried to fly our weasels there, but the wind was dying so we didn't have too much luck.

There are tire tracks everywhere -- for pristine dune shots, this isn't the place (which is okay, we got plenty of that later at White Sands).  In some of the photos, you can see the Salton Sea in the background.

[ pict2789T.jpg ] [ pict2790T.jpg ] [ pict2792T.jpg ] [ pict2795T.jpg ]
[ pict2801T.jpg ] [ pict2804T.jpg ] [ pict2806T.jpg ] [ pict2807T.jpg ]
[ pict2808T.jpg ] [ pict2811T.jpg ] [ pict2813T.jpg ]

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