Painted Desert

We'd been to the Petrified Forest and Painted Desert NP once before, but we'd always wanted to go back and hike down in the painted desert and see some of those formations up close.

Unfortunately, this wasn't the day for that.  A high wind was howling; it was an effort just to stand in one place.  So we drove through, took pictures, and left, sadly.  Some day, we'll be back again ...
[ p4210451T.jpg ] [ p4210453T.jpg ] [ p4210454T.jpg ] [ p4210467T.jpg ]
[ p4210472T.jpg ] [ p4210475T.jpg ] [ p4210480T.jpg ] [ p4210484T.jpg ]
[ pict3079T.jpg ] [ pict3082T.jpg ] [ pict3085T.jpg ]

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