Weasel Tours the Southwest

The week before leaving on the trip, Dave and I had just finished building our Mini Weasels, little radio controlled slope gliders.  Naturally, as soon as we built them, the spring winds we'd been seeing in the bay area instantly died off to dead calm.

So we tossed the weasels in the car when we headed out on the trip, hoping that maybe we'd find windy places along the way.  We stopped at Pacheco pass (always windy -- they have windmills there) -- dead calm.  We tried a couple of rest stops along I-5 in the central valley -- same thing.  Finally, we got to do a little flying at the Salton Sea and Imperial Dunes, each time for a few minutes before the wind died.

It was at Imperial Dunes that Dave got the fun idea of holding the Weasel out and taking a picture of it against a background, looking like it was flying (since we weren't getting enough wind to take many real flying pictures).  So that became our silly trip idea: we took Weasel pictures at almost every place we visited.  At a few of them we actually got to fly a little, too!

The colorful Weasel is mine.  Dave's is mostly white with a little glitter.  Shots of me flying are taken by Dave.
[ p4150133.jpg ] [ img_4898.jpg ] [ img_4900.jpg ] [ img_4901.jpg ]
[ img_4902.jpg ] [ weaselbelly.jpg ] [ p4150137.jpg ] [ pict2816.jpg ]
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[ img_4992.jpg ] [ pict3008.jpg ] [ pict3044.jpg ] [ img_5143.jpg ]
[ pict3050.jpg ] [ pict3056.jpg ] [ pict3063.jpg ] [ pict3066.jpg ]
[ pict3088.jpg ] [ Weasel at the Colorado River ] [ img_5222.jpg ] [ Weasel at the Colorado River ]

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