Bird Feeder Fun

I set up some bird feeders outside the windows of the home office. They've been a big hit with the local house finches and house sparrows. These aren't normally the sorts of exotic birds one hopes to see at a feeder (and I hope eventually other birds will discover our yard), but I don't really mind all that much -- their exhibitionist natures have given me lots of chances to watch them go about their lives.

Most of these photos also show the effects of my ongoing experiments in using apodizing screens for nature photography. In less technical language: there's a window screen between me and the birds, and it's been too rainy to try putting the camera outside unattended. :-)

These are just casual shots -- I keep a camera (an Olympus C-730 ultra-zoom digital) on my desk while I'm working, and occasionally pick it up and shoot through the window. Later when the weather improves I may try something more elaborate.

House Sparrows and House Finches at the main feeder:
[ p4250015T.jpg ] [ p4250018T.jpg ] [ p4250022T.jpg ]
House finches at the window feeder:
[ p5060035T.jpg ] [ p5060020T.jpg ]
Sparrow pr0n:
[ sparrow pr0n ] [ sparrow pr0n 2 ]
Baby sparrows on the roof!
[ p5080007T.jpg ] [ p5080010T.jpg ] [ p5080011T.jpg ] [ p5080012T.jpg ]
[ p5080013T.jpg ] [ p5080017T.jpg ] [ p5080018T.jpg ] [ p5080025T.jpg ]
[ p5080026T.jpg ] [ p5080029T.jpg ] [ p5080030T.jpg ]
[ p5080032T.jpg ] [ p5080034T.jpg ]
Hummingbird just outside the window screen:
[ p5080041T.jpg ] [ p5080042T.jpg ] [ p5080043T.jpg ]
A lesser goldfinch at the thistle sock with two house finches:
[ goldfinch and house finches at the thistle sock ] [ goldfinch and house finches at the thistle sock ]

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