Goblin's Lair, or Chamber of the Basilisk

The Goblin's Lair, also known as the Chamber of the Basilisk, is a cavern in Goblin Valley State Park. You can hike to the top and rappell down, or, if you lack technical climbing equipment, you can hike into the cave from the bottom.

But first you have to find it. We had several sets of directions and two GPSes, but we wandered around in the goblins for quite a while looking for the top entrance. We thought we'd probably found it, but it was tough to get close enough to see in and we weren't at all sure.

Then we went back to the parking lot to double-check and see if it was easier to find a way to the bottom side. Turns out there's a well-marked trail right off the far end of the parking lot; we just hadn't been looking there.

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