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This is a cross referenced display of the Mozilla source code. The sources displayed are those that are currently checked in to the mainline of the CVS server; these pages are updated many times a day, so they should be pretty close to the latest-and-greatest.

It's possible to search through the entire Mozilla source text; or to search for files whose name matches a pattern; or to search for the definitions of particular functions, variables, etc.

The individual files of the source code are formatted on the fly and presented with clickable identifiers. An identifier is a macro, typedef, struct, enum, union, function, function prototype or variable. Clicking on them shows you a summary of how and where they are used.

The free-text search command is implemented using Glimpse, so all the capabilities of Glimpse are available. Regular expression searches are especially useful.

(Don't use a web-crawler to try and download all of these pages; the CGIs will feed you several gigabytes worth of generated HTML!)

The pages here are generated by the LXR tool, which was originally written to display the source code of the Linux kernel (LXR stands for ``Linux Cross Reference.'') Check out the main LXR site for more information.

Thanks to Arne Georg Gleditsch and Per Kristian Gjermshus, the authors of the LXR tool, for writing it and making it available to the world.