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Unix (and Linux) Specific Behavior

Middleclick paste

Select a URL in any app (including another Mozilla window), then click the middle mouse button in the content area of the browser (but not over a link, since that opens the link in a new tab or window).  Voila!  No need to clear the urlbar or use copy/paste key bindings.

mozilla -remote

You can't run more than one instance of Mozilla at a time for a particular profile name, because they might end up corrupting important files like bookmarks.html or prefs.js.  So what do you do if you want to get the current running instance of Mozilla to show a page when you click on it in another app, like xchat?

That's what mozilla-remote is for.  From any app, call:

mozilla -remote 'openURL(%s)'
mozilla -remote 'openURL(%s,new-tab)'
mozilla -remote 'openURL(%s,new-window)'