My observing report

As I drove up the winding road to the middle of nowhere, I idly mused upon the deep mystery of AP Refractors as I contemplated the crystal-clear skies. When I arrived at the parking lot, it was filled with friends eager for a night's observing. I counted at least 36 telescopes set up.

I started my night's observing with one of my favorite objects, M 51. It seemed most like a little triangle.

After a short break to have a smoke, I added to my logbook NGC 6073. It was as bright as ripples of water. Then, I hunted for IC 701. It appeared to be a little triangle. After that, I showed some guests NGC 1807 in Fornax. It appeared to be its Hubble photograph. After I'd spent a few minutes looking at that, I tracked down IC 2719. It looked uncannily like black pearls on flocked paper. Then, for a real challenge, I hunted NGC 1986 in Scutum. It reminded me of the eternal nothingness of being. Next, I tried M 41. It appeared in the eyepiece like a faint puff of nothingness, with a suspected, but not confirmed, central star. Next, I located Abell 90 in Cygnus. It was like a nebula. Next, attacking my personal nemesis, I studied IC 490. It was as bright as that graph in An Unpleasant Truth. Then, I nudged my telescope to IC 2813 in Camelopardalis. It seemed almost all the other smudges I've ever looked at.

Finally, it was time to pack up and leave. As I drove home, I contemplated the events of the night, and realized that any night out under the sky with good friends is better than listening to the Monkees Box Set.

    ...Akkana (with help from David North, Jane Houston Jones, and Bill Arnett) .

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