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Software for the Zaurus

I've written some stuff for the Sharp Zaurus 5500 (a PDA running Linux!)

Unfortunately I'm not actively maintaining the Zaurus packages any more after cracking my Zaurus' screen. Turns out Sharp wants more for a replacement screen than a new Zaurus would cost. That pissed me off and I've lost interest in investing in the platform. (You wouldn't believe how many messages I've gotten from people with exactly the same problem, and no help from Sharp.) Too bad -- it's a very cool machine, until it breaks. (If you have one: treat it carefully and resist the temptation to remove the screen protector even though it gets in the way!)

Just Moon

Just Moon (aka QMoon) has actually gotten to the point where it's useful, and there's a workstation version of it as well. So I've split it off onto a separate page.

Juplet/Satlet/Moonlet: Astronomy Applets for the Zaurus

Since Java is cross-platform, I've split all the Java applets onto a separate page too.

I also have some PalmOS astronomy software.

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