Thursday Caucus:

Advocacy Strategies for Our Existing LWV Position to Abolish the Electoral College

This was mostly a strategy plan for the convention: on Friday, the convention votes on whether to allow debate on points that the national committee had previously deemed "Not Recommended"; among them was a proposal to make abolition of the electoral college one of the national "Make Democracy Work" priorities for the next two years. They took for granted that everyone there was in favor of getting rid of the electoral college, which makes sense since it's a long-held LWVUS position and not up for debate. The issue to be voted on at the vonvention was merely whether LWVUS would make it a priority and spend resources on it during the next two years.

Thursday night's advice was mostly to be aware of this upcoming vote, make other people aware of it, and suggest voting for allowing the point to be debated. That was useful for those of us who weren't aware of the two-tier voting structure used at the National Convention. They were also looking for speakers to advocate for the position.

However, as I found on Friday, the point was confused by the fact that there were two related "Not Recommended" motions being advocated for: supporting the National Popular Vote compact, and abolishing the electoral college entirely, a laudable goal that, as I understand it, would require a constitutional amendment and thus would be nearly impossible to achieve. During Thursday night's caucus I was somehow under the impression that we were all talking about the NPV, but looking now at the title of the caucus, I realize that I was probably confused and it was probably the other group. If they knew that both issues were up for a vote, it would have helped to make that clear to caucus attendees.

You might think these two groups would be working together, but in fact, they ended up opposing each other's motions. On Friday they were both voted worthy of Saturday consideration, and someone suggested they should get together and coalesce their two motions into one; but apparently they refused to do that, so on Saturday we were presented with the two separate motions. The delegates voted to make the achievable NPV a national priority, but voted down the unachievable goal of abolition.

...Akkana Peck

Up: LWV National Convention, June-July 2018, Chicago