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Fri, 14 Jan 2005

Bobcats and Roadrunners

I visited Fremont Older for the first time in a while. We were coming back from Maisy's Peak, looking for the falcon I'd seen earlier when we were coming in, when we ran into a friendly couple also looking for the falcon, and had a delightful chat about falcons and bobcats -- in which subject they were quite expert. We learned quite a bit about the local bobcat community, and will have to go back and look for some of those cats! (The falcon turned out to be a kestrel; I got a better look and a photo while walking back to the car.)

The next day, I paid a short lunchtime visit to Alviso Marina to look for the roadrunner rumoured to be frequenting the parking lot. (Roadrunners are fairly common in desert areas, but uncommon here, especially near the bay.)

The regular (no parking) parking lot was full of construction workers engaged in noisy activities, and I found myself disinclined to spend much time there. I rationalized to myself that any self-respecting roadrunner would feel the same, and headed in the other direction to see what might be hanging out in the marshes.

Crossing back through the temporary parking lot, I struck up a conversation with a photographer who had seen the roadrunner the day before (in said noisy parking lot) and was returning with his good camera. We wished each other luck, he went off to construction worker central, and I went the other way, pausing part way to watch a Yellowthroat (a first for me), beautiful in his yellow plumage and black pirate's mask, though too quick for my camera.

As ironic luck would have it, the roadrunner was in the marshes. I saw it as soon as I climbed the levee, and watched for a while. Eventually the photographer I'd met in the parking lot appeared on the levee, closely followed by a binocular-toting birder. I pointed, and before long we had four or five people surrounding the bird's marsh. Quite the party! I almost felt like one of the birders from The Big Year.

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