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Tue, 21 Jul 2009

Tracking down performance hogs

It's been a day -- or week, month -- of performance monitoring.

I'm posting this while sitting in an excellent OSCON tutorial on Linux System and Network Performance Monitoring, by Darren Hoch. It's full of great information and I'm sure his web site is equally useful.

And it's a great extension to topic that's been occupying me over the past few months: performance tracking to slim down software that might be slowing a Linux system down. That's the topic of one of my two OSCON talks this Wednesday: "Featherweight Linux: How to turn a netbook or older laptop into a Ferrari." Although I don't go into anywhere near the detail Darren does, a lot of the principles are the same, and I know I'll find a use for a lot of his techniques. The talk also includes a free bonus tourist tip for San Jose visitors.

Today's Linux Planet article is related to my Featherweight talk: What's Bogging Down Your Linux PC? Tracking Down Resource Hogs. Usually they publish my articles on Thursdays, but I asked for an early release since it's related to tomorrow's talk.

For anyone at OSCON in San Jose, I hope you can come to Featherweight late Wednesday afternoon, or to my other talk, Wednesday just after lunch, "Bug Fixing for Everyone (even non-programmers!)" where I'll go over the steps programmers use while fixing bugs, and show that anyone can fix simple bugs even without any prior knowledge of programming.

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