Some of my configuration files. This doesn't attempt to be a help page, but is presented in case the tricks inside might come in handy for anyone.


I use tcsh, with a monster .cshrc built up over decades:


but I also include a very modest .bashrc: .bashrc


Another case where my .emacs is a monster file built up over decades.


The other files aren't so elaborate.



Strangely enough, I use and like vim as well as Emacs.



I worked as a Netscape/Mozilla developer for many years, much of that time as a pest for customization and Linux compatibility, so I have strong feelings about how the browser ought to be configured.



Yet another monster file including tons of legacy crap -- and some stuff that you may still find useful.


Window Managers

I switch around quite a bit trying out the various small-and-light window managers, but I particularly like openbox 3.4.1 and fvwm. I've given up on gnome and kde -- too slow and too hard to share a configuration among multiple machines.

Vaio openbox/menu.xml
Vaio openbox/rc.xml



These aren't personal dot files, but they're files I have to keep modifying as distros change their Udev setups in order to get my multi-flash card and Vaio built-in memory stick readers to work without requiring Hal polling my hardware constantly.

63-multicard.rules, for a multiple flash card reader (currently doesn't register the CF portion
64-memstick.rules, for the Vaio built-in memory stick reader.

Linux info
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