Akkana's Mars Sketches: 2005 Opposition

Sketches from the 2003 opposition are presented with south up and east left; sketches made with a star diagonal have been digitally mirrored to match a reflector view.

CM stands for Central Meridian, the line of longitude pointing toward us at the time of the sketch.

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Sketches of Mars: 2003 Opposition.
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[Mars, 12/05/05 21:30 PST CM=336] 12/05/05 21:30 PST. Tak FS128 with binoviewer, but poor seeing. CM=336.
Meridiani centered, with Erythraeum (left) and Syrtis Major (right). At right, the sketch as made at the eyepiece, to be finished indoors with better light and warmth and smudging tools.
[live eyepiece sketch of Mars, 12/05/05 21:30 PST CM=336]
[Mars, 11/27/05 20:40 PST CM=36.5] 11/27/05 20:40 PST. Tak FS128 with binoviewer. CM=36.5.
Erythraeum and Margaritifer.
[Mars, 11/23/05 22:00 PST CM=92] 11/23/05 22:00 PST. Tak FS128 with binoviewer. CM=92.
Lacus Solis and the "Eye of Mars".
[Mars, 11/21/05 22:15 PST CM=115] 11/21/05 22:15 PST. Tak FS128 with binoviewer. CM=115.
Lacus Solis, the "Eye of Mars", and Mare Sirenum.
[Mars, 11/19/05 22:15 PST CM=130] 11/19/05 22:15 PST. Tak FS128. CM=130.
Sirenum and Chrysokeras. Lacus Solis not resolving into a separate area, so no "Eye of Mars" effect yet.
[Mars, 11/16/05 22:30 PST CM=162] 11/16/05 22:30 PST. Tak FS128. CM=162.
Interesting bright patches just north of Sirenum and Cimmerium.
[Mars, 11/13/05 22:30 PST CM=188] 11/13/05 22:45 PST. Tak FS128. CM=188.
Interesting bright spots just north of Sirenum and Cimmerium.
[Mars, 10/30/05 22:00 PST CM=303] 10/30/05 22:00 PST. Tak FS128. CM=303.
Syrtis Major. Hellas not very bright at all, and showing some dark streaks.
[Mars, 10/22/05 20:45 PDT CM=340] [Mars, 10/22/05 21:45 PDT CM=355] 8" f/6 dobsonian.
Can you believe these two were only an hour apart and are showing mostly the same features? The dark smudginess just above center in the early sketch is what later resolves into an obvious Sinus Meridiani.
10/22/05 20:45 PDT. CM=340.
Bad seeing.
10/22/05 21:45 PDT. CM=355.
Much better. Sinus Meridiani, with Margaritifer at right.

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