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[Fremont Peak Sunset #3] [Fremont Peak Sunset #2]
[Fremont Peak Sunset #1] [Fremont Peak Sunset Cloud]
Sunsets are among my favorite views. This particular sunset, at Fremont Peak State Park, preceeded a star party

At sunset, we thought that our star party would be clouded out, so I made the best of a disappointing situation by capturing the beautiful sunset.

Fortunately, shortly after sunset, the clouds lifted and it was a beautiful, clear night. The best of both worlds!

My favorite shot from that evening is this close-up of a couple of clouds.

[Glacier Point Storm] Another surprising shot came from another star party, the 1996 PAS Yosemite trip. I got caught in a thunderstorm at Glacier Point, and made a heroic attempt to capture lightning using Velvia and several neutral density filters to lengthen the exposure time. I never did catch any lightning (the slowest I could manage was about a 2-second shutter speed), but the long exposures produced fantastic colors in the cloud images.
[Priest and Nuns] This rock formation in Castle Valley, northeast of Moab, UT, is called "Priest and Nuns".
[moab scenery] Here's another scenic from the same area, along the Colorado northeast of Moab.
[Moab Rim] Here's the view from the top of Moab Rim, looking southwest toward the Colorado. The spires on the horizon are Canyonlands National Park.
[sedona1] [sedona2] The desert south of Sedona, AZ is also beautiful, full of red-rock cliffs.
[Lake Powell] The Colorado river as it leaves Lake Powell, near Page, AZ.
[Ruined Shack near Page] This ruined shack stands on the slickrock southwest of Page.
[Durango Aspen] We passed through Durango just in time to see the aspens turn.
[Fall Colors] In the fall of '96, the tree outside my house surprised me with a beautiful array of colors.
[Sentinel Tree] Ragged tree clinging to the granite at Sentinel Dome.
[Yosemite Pine] Solitary pine at Yosemite.
[ Montara Tree ] Vista from Grey Whale Trail above Montara.
[Point Reyes] Vista south from Pt Reyes.

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