Tweaks Needed for Redhat 7.0

Redhat 7.0 installs pretty well from a CD. We don't have a net distribution for 7.0 set up yet, but you might be able to borrow the CD from Akkana. Mozilla even works on it!

After installing, though, there are a few things you may need to do.

Even though I went through lilo configuration and told it to install lilo on the Master Boot Record, it didn't! I had to boot off the rescue disk (always say yes to making a rescue disk!) and discovered that /etc/lilo.conf was there and looked correct, so as root after installation I just ran:

and the next boot went fine, I no longer needed the rescue disk.

Root can't do anything as configured out of the box, because every program interesting to root is in /sbin, which isn't in root's path. You may have to be aware of this.

It didn't install autofs for me, so NFS filesystems like /u wouldn't mount. I got autofs from and that worked great out of the box, no extra configuration needed.

I also needed to download vim.

RH7 has some seriously screwed up fonts, which display double-width. If you see this problem in mozilla or any other program (whether you will depends on your mozilla and .Xdefaults font choices), you may need to change your fonts or modify the font server. See bug 39553 for more details.

Configure your printer by running printtool as root.

If this is going to be a home system, you may want to know how to get a modem working under RedHat.

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