Java Marslet        ... by Akkana Peck

Known Bugs

Warning: For the 2007 apparition, the central meridian calculation is off. Don't trust it! I'm going to try to fix it soon, at least before opposition.

Latitude is currently not calculated (i.e. Mars is always shown with its equator straight on to us). That is a bug, not intentional.


Marslet is copyright 2003 by Akkana Peck, is open source, licensed under the GPL; the source is marslet-0.2.tar.gz.
Marslet uses some code from MarsMap by Akkana Peck and Brian Tung.
The color maps use the Viking images from JPL as a background, with labels added by Akkana Peck and Bill Arnett. You are welcome to use the maps for noncommercial purposes: the Normal Map and the East-west flipped map. High resolution versions are here.
The black-and-white map is based on a locally modified version of the ALPO Mars map, courtesy of Daniel M Troiani of the Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers - Mars Section.
The Marslet code supports rotated and rotated-flipped maps as well; if you are willing to contribute such a map, it would be much appreciated!

I have a Zaurus .ipk version of this, but it's currently too slow to be useful. I'm working on it.

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