Intel Play QX3 Video Microscope (on Linux)

This is a little plastic toy microscope that uses a CPiA webcam. It works reasonably well with the Linux CPiA driver. That project also has a controller for it which can toggle things like the toplight and bottomlight, but can't actually display the images. QtX3 is the best program I've found to get images out of the QX3, though I had to tweak it a bit (see the bug I filed on version 0.3).

Here are some sample images. It's pretty clear that this is a toy, not a professional medical device. :-) The resolution is low. But it's fun to play with anyway.
Some uncut sapphires a friend gave me for my birthday
[ saph1T.jpg ] [ saph2T.jpg ] [ saph3T.jpg ] [ saph4T.jpg ]
A bee wing Feathers A leaf
[ beewing200T.jpg ] [ feather200T.jpg ] [ feather60T.jpg ] [ leaf-200T.jpg ]
More leaves A rose petal
[ leaf60-2T.jpg ] [ leaf60T.jpg ] [ petal200T.jpg ] [ petal60T.jpg ]

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