Moonlet: Phase of the Moon Applet

by Akkana Peck

Edit the date in the text field to show the phase of the moon at a different time.

Have a problem running this applet? Please see my bug report page. If you get a "Can't parse date" error, perhaps your system timezone isn't set right; setting it may help. Or try editing the date field and typing in a date in a format like: Dec 2 13:00 PST 1997 and see if that helps.

This is also available as part of a Zaurus PDA package.

This software is Copyright 1996 by Akkana. Source is available. The software is are based on equations from Jean Meeus' Astronomical Algorithms, available from Willmann-Bell.
If you like the moon, you might want to check out my Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon, which has extensive information about interesting features for the lunar observer, as well as links to other moon sites.
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