Hitchhiker's Guide to Rukl Chart 13

Eudoxus (JRF <freeman _at_ netcom.com>)
The crater Eudoxus and its larger companion Aristoteles to the north (Rukl chart 5) are "landmark" features, easily recognized and useful in orientation.
Eudoxus (David North <d _at_ timocharis.com>)
The interior of Eudoxis was entirely obscured in shadow, but the intricate walls and surrounding mountainous terrain showed very well. There was also some evidence of the upper terracing inside... I've often seen it better, but it's always worth a glance.
Alexander, Eudoxus, and Aristotles (Akkana)
[Alexander sketch] Alexander (bottom, just peeking into the sunlight), Eudoxus (middle), and Aristotles (top), at sunrise. Sketched from an 80mm f/7 refractor at 112x; note that the image is reversed.
Alexander (Jim Ferreira)
Jim Ferreira has an excellent set of photos showing the progress of a ray in Alexander.
Alexander (David North <d _at_ timocharis.com>)
I noted a very fine rille structure in the small plain between Eudoxus and Mare Serenitatus, (which bears the name Alexander, and Rukl refers to it as a greatly ruined walled plain, but I do not really see it. Neither Rukl nor the Times Atlas name the rille, but the latter clearly shows a string of elongated craters, making it more of a catena, I suppose).
Alexander Kappa (David North <d _at_ timocharis.com>)
At 37Nx17E on the northern shore of Serenitatis there is something of a standout mountain I've not noticed before, named Alexander Kappa (if I read the tiny letter in the Times Atlas correctly). It casts a shadow all out of proportion with nearby peaks, including the isolated clutch just south of it. I say "it" somewhat inaccurately; there are two peaks on the mountain, but it's only given a single designation.

It's a curious sight, and no explanation for this solitary giant comes to mind.

Rima Calippus (David North <d _at_ timocharis.com>)
The small but notable Rima Calippus was on and off in the seeing, but with some patience could be seen fairly thoroughly. Here, I'm not sure I agree with Rukl's drawing in that my own observation shows it going through a minor wrinkle ridge, where he shows it stopping short. I would be interested in hearing about other observations of this little gash.
Caucasus domes (David North <d _at_ timocharis.com>)
Just to the east of the southern tip of the Caucasus was another phenomenal dome sighting, slightly past the bits of rubble on the interior edge of Mare Serenitatus. I know of no name for this dome, but as it was just on the edge of the terminator, it was perfectly lit and seemed much taller than it probably is. It seemed to have multiple "central" craters and possibly a few largish "boulderish" thingies on it as well; an odd duck of a dome for sure.

Moon-Lite Atlas for chart 13

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