Hitchhiker's Guide to Rukl Chart 29

[Marius Hills]
Marius Hills at sunrise (sketch by Akkana)
Marius Hills (David North <d _at_ timocharis.com>)
There are so many domes west of Marius -- most unlabelled in Rukl -- that the area is called the "Marius Hills".

Lit from the "backside" like they are past third quarter, the domes around both Marius and Kepler show up more clearly than I've ever noticed in "frontside" illumination. Obvious doesn't begin to describe it, and the difference is downright startling.

Rima Suess (...Akkana)
Can you see fine Rima Seuss?
Hunting rilles can be obtuse.
Can you see this little rille?
Can you see it near a hill?
Can you see it with a Tak?
Can you see it, little Akk?
Can you see it near the fish?
Will we see it? Oh, I wish!
What if there appeared a cloud --
Could you see, are you allowed?
What to do with sky unsteady --
Could you see it, are you ready?
With the dawn near Schroter's Valley,
Can we add Suess to our tally?
With Rima Marius so bright,
Will we see Rima Suess tonight?

Moon-Lite Atlas for chart 29

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