Hitchhiker's Guide to Rukl Chart 32

Stadius (David North <d _at_ timocharis.com>)
First to draw attention was Stadius, a somewhat sunken crater to the south of the Appenines. Sunrise having just barely completed, the light was perfect to show detail, and there was a boatload of it. The floor is marked by myriad tiny craters, fractures and tiny ranges of hills, all of which were showing well in everything from 130-155mm AP refractors to my C8 (with honorable mention to a nice Tak 102).
W, U, J, T, F, S, E, R, P Copernicus (Randy Muller <71172.1234 _at_ compuserve.com>)
About midway between Copernicus and Eratosthenes there is a very odd line of tiny craters forming a gentle curve vaguely parallel to the walls of Copernicus. This line starts at Stadius and heads NW. Unlike the chart in Rukl, the surrounding terrain appears very flat and featureless, thus causing the crater chain to stand out.

Moon-Lite Atlas for chart 32

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