Hitchhiker's Guide to Rukl Chart 62

Schickard (David North <d _at_ timocharis.com>)
The tint of the mare material in Schickard seems to be one of those things that can be ho-hum or very notable depending on the exact light angle.
Schickard (Akkana)
[Sunrise over Schickard] In high lighting, dark Schickard looks like a small mare, or like Grimaldi (for which I mistook it until I got my bearings straight). A fan of lighter material spreads out across the crater floor from a small crater (unnamed in Rukl) on the east end. Rukl shows this color contrast well.

At sunrise, Schickard is monstrous as it looms on the terminator with just bits of its far wall beginning to peek up into the sun. At left, two slightly different views of Schickard at sunrise.

[Schickard on the terminator]
Schickard (Steve Coe <scoeandlross _at_ sprintmail.com>)
Big crater, very flooded with lava, low walls and flat floor. On east side is a crater cluster of three pretty small craters and 10 small craters all grouped together with a rille running N-S through them. The floor has somewhat different shades across it, some white, grey and light grey.
Lehmann (Steve Coe <scoeandlross _at_ sprintmail.com>)
A medium small crater with a flat floor and two craterlets on the floor. Has short walls, obviously flooded with lava. There is a small, fresh crater on the south wall, near some white markings in the wall to the east. It is nice that Lehmann, a very avid lunar observer of the past, is honored with a crater named after him.

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