Hitchhiker's Guide to Rukl Chart 67

Stiborius (David North <d _at_ timocharis.com>)
I found myself drawn to Stiborius tonight, as it was just coming into its own in the light, and had a very interesting interior structure, with mountains that seemed to almost form a chevron or "sergeant's strips." About half the interior is smooth and half structured, creating an interesting aesthetic.
Stiborius Sunset Ray (...Akkana) [Stiborius Ray]
At sunset, Stiborius has an interesting ring of shadow around it, and a lovely sunset ray streams into the crater from a smaller crater just outside the outer ring of shadow.
Janssen (...Akkana)
A smoothly-filled crater, criss-crossed by rilles. To the west, a pair of craters look like a deer's hoofprint; Rukl labels them HB and H.

Moon-Lite Atlas for chart 67

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