Hitchhiker's Guide to Rukl Chart 70

Wargentin (David North <d _at_ timocharis.com>)
I made a quick visit to Wargentin (inaptly nicknamed "the thin cheese" by some slightly imaginative looney who thought it looked like a round of cheese because through some quirk it's filled to the brim with what is presumed to be lava -- but it really looks more like a manhole cover). This is often an idle pass, but tonight (at bare sunrise) Wargentin looked very different to me. There were wrinkles and rilles all over its surface. I checked on Rukl page 70 to see if he shows them, and he sort of does, but with nothing of the drama they affect under such ideal light and good seeing. I highly recommend you put this on your "visit" list for future reference.
Wargentin (...Akkana)
Wargentin was interesting -- it was very apparent how much higher this mare-filled crater was than the craters surrounding it, and how much darker it was.
Wargentin (Steve Coe <scoeandlross _at_ sprintmail.com>)
There is a dark "Y" shaped crack in this unique filled in crater.
Nasmyth and Phocylides (JRF <freeman _at_ netcom.com>)
Nasmyth and Phocylides look like a giant footprint, with their common wall and its dark shadow separating the heel from the rest of the sole.

Moon-Lite Atlas for chart 70

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