What Should I Name My New Car?

Sad news: Pyrite was retired on 3/20/98. At just short of 250k miles, some of it on the east coast and other snowy areas, the underside of the body is just too rusted out. Pyrite's race parts have been transplanted into a red-over-brown '86 body, with a brand-new engine block (the one that was slated to go into Pyrite) and Pyrite's old head.

5/6/98: I finally got the new car! So now I need a name for it.

The new car is rosso over grigio scuro met., i.e. orangish-red over metallic dark grey-brown.
I don't have any pictures of it yet.

[This is not actually my car]

This is not actually my car, just an image I found on Jonathan Mason's web page of an X1/9 with the same color scheme. Mine is lower in the rear, less shiny, and has aluminum, not red, colored wheels.

Another car with this paint scheme is on the cover of a French X1/9 maintenance book.

Here are the choices I've thought of so far:

I'm not sure any of these quite grab me yet, so send me your suggestions!