My observing report

As I drove up the winding road to Twin Peaks, I idly mused upon the subtle beauty of astrology as I contemplated the La Nina conditions. When I arrived at the parking lot, it was filled with friends eager for a night's observing. I counted at least 4 telescopes set up.

I started my night's observing with one of my favorite objects, M 55 in Lepus. It looked like the clouds I'd seen earlier. After that, I checked out IC 3329. It seemed most like a nebula. Then, I showed some guests IC 1130. It glowed, rather like George W. Bush. Then, I tracked down Abell 85 in Lepus. It was like the last six objects I'd seen. After that, I hunted M 86. It appeared to be yet another globular. With that checked off my list, I showed some guests B 601. It took me back to the first time I saw cream being swirled into hot coffee.

Finally, it was time to pack up and leave. As I drove home, I contemplated the events of the night, and realized that any night out under the sky with good friends is better than taking an elevator during a Stage 3 alert.

    ...Akkana (with help from David North, Jane Houston Jones, and Bill Arnett) .

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