Wind Buster

[Wind Buster 2]It's teeny.  It's cute.  It flies fast.  It tip stalls pretty often.  It breaks props about half the times it lands.

It's a silly thing, really, and it doesn't fly all that well.  It's too touchy to do much in the way of aerobatics.  But it's so cute that I like it anyway.

The Wind Buster sold by some guy in an rcgroups thread.  He doesn't seem to have a web page or anything, and reportedly doesn't much like communicating any way other than rcgroups.  It comes nearly assembled (surfaces already sanded and hinged), needing just radio equipment installation.  It uses two small servos (Cirrus micro, HS50 or similar), a direct-drive IPS (or optionally, a CDROM type motor), and a small battery like a 250 mAh 2 cell li-po.  We haven't tried it with one of the brushless motors yet.

The local pilot we bought ours from, the first time we saw it, was flying it on a 3 cell 250 li-po, and it was insanely fast.  We thought it would be funny to take it up some time when the ducted-fan-jet people are doing their whizzing-by thing, yelling "Low pass!" and zooming through at Mach 2.  The Wind Buster on a 3 cell is like that, but a fifth the size and weight.

There's a small original model and a slightly larger updated model.  We have one of each.  The bigger model (pictured) is very slightly more stable, but there's really surprisingly little difference.

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