Akkana's Java Star Chart

Here's a Java star chart program which starts out aimed at one of the most interesting areas of the night sky currently visible at this time of year.

You can show other areas of the sky by editing the coordinates or scale, then hitting return. Click on an object to display more information about that object. The database contains stars down to about magnitude 7 (but it takes quite a while to download all those stars over the net).

Have a problem running this applet? Please see my bug report page.

Source tarball. It's all written by me, and you're welcome to look at it, but not to remove the copyright notices or to use it commercially without permission. The algorithms come primarily from Peter Duffett-Smith, Practical Astronomy with your Calculator, available from Willman-Bell. The current star database used is the Yale Bright Star Catalog; I've also used the Skymap database, both courtesy of the Astronomical Data Center, parsed via a CGI script of my own. Currently I'm showing only stars down to 8th magnitude, for space reasons.
Coming soon:

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