[GIMP Arrow Designer]

GIMP Arrow Designer

Ever needed to draw arrows in GIMP to highlight a diagram or screenshot?

GIMP Arrow Designer lets you draw arrows and interactively change their direction, arrowhead shape and size.

Make a selection where the corners delimit the two ends of the arrow. Then run Filters->Render->Arrow designer...

The dialog lets you change which direction the arrow points within the selection box -- for instance, use NE to have the arrow point "northeast" -- as well as the size and angle of the arrowhead. The color and line width will use the current foreground color and brush. Arrow designer monitors the selection, so you can adjust its shape and location in real time using GIMP's Rect Select tool..

Get it here: arrowdesigner-0.5.py.
Install it to your GIMP personal plug-ins folder: ~/.gimp-2.6/plug-ins on Linux, or whatever GIMP lists in the Preferences window under Folders / Plug-ins category. On Linux and Mac, make sure it's executable (chmod +x arrowdesigner.py).

Arrow Designer is written in Python, so you need GIMP-Python installed. It also provides a non-interactive version in Filters->Render->Arrow from selection....

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