Akkana's Tweaks to Firefox

This is just a collection of the tweaks I make in my own personal Firefox tree to make it into a browser I can stand.

I'm not trying to fork anything, just get something I can live with since I spend so much time using the browser. Mostly I'm putting back functionality that the old Mozilla suite (now Seamonkey) had that was removed for Firefox.

Here are the current changes:

Kitfox JAR file

Unfortunately, starting in 3.5, Mozilla broke the ability to change XBL key bindings through an extension, so it's no longer possible to handle the URLbar bindings with the Kitfix Extension.

So the only way is to patch the browser itself: specifically, the file omni.jar (browser.jar prior to Firefox 4.0).

Here are the patches I make to omni.jar as of Firefox 6.0: kitpatch-11.0.diff. To apply, do something like this (adjust paths as needed on your system):

$ cp /usr/lib/firefox-11.0/omni.ja omni-orig.ja
$ unzip omni-orig.ja
$ patch -p0 < kitpatch-11.0.diff
$ zip omni-kit.ja `find .`
$ sudo cp omni-kit.ja /usr/lib/firefox-11.0/omni.jar

Previous patches:

Or you can just grab my JAR file and install it as omni.jar: omni-11-kit.ja

Older solutions, out of date:

Kitfox Extension

Here's the Kitfox extension (for Firefox 2 or 3): kitfox-0.3.xpi. And here's a source tarball for it (same files, but easier to extract and with a Makefile to generate the xpi): kitfox-0.3.tar.gz. It was generated courtesy of Ted Mielczarek's Extension Wizard (see also the Fizzy Pop project).

The extension currently only includes two changes:

Kitfox Source Patch

I don't expect this collection to be particularly useful to anyone else. However, I'm posting it because there might be people who want bits and pieces of the patch, or might want to see how to make changes like this in the Mozilla source. Note: this is a patch to the 1.8 branch. I have not (yet?) updated it for Firefox 3.

The latest version of the patch is: kitfox-1.8_11_16_06.diff.

Fixes include:

Make shift-click do "save as"; make control-click do "open in new tab".
Disable the autocomplete popup in the urlbar.
Make ctrl-Q quit the app.
Change the name to Kitfox so I can tell when I'm running it.
Disable all autocomplete popups.

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