Mapping scripts

This page is a place to collect small mapping scripts that don't justify their own web pages.


gpxmgr parses GPX track log files, showing you how many separate tracklogs you have or splitting them into separate track log files. It's a command-line python script.

Warning: I don't use gpxmgr much any more; I wrote it quickly to split tracks so they wouldn't crash Merkaartor. But I don't use Merkaartor any more (it depends on newer Qt libraries than I have, and that got to be too much hassle) and most of my GPX exploration now uses my programs pytopo and ellie, which don't require splitting the track files first.


show program's version number and exit
-h, --help
show this help message and exit
-l, --list
list the tracks available -- don't write anything
-w, --write
split into multiple track files
-p, --prompt
prompt for each filename before writing
-d, --debug
debug mode

My other mapping software:

[PyTopo] PyTopo: explore tiled maps

[Ellie: plot elevation] Ellie: plot elevation from a GPS track

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