Akkana's Sports Photography

I don't yet have thumbnails for most of these pictures, and most of the scans of the autocross pictures are very poor -- sorry!
[Well-earned Refreshment] I spectated at a mountain bike race at Briones. The temperature was brutal -- about 106 Fahrenheit -- and a kindly race worker was tossing cupfulls of water on racers as they passed by.
[Riding through the Porsche] Mike Monegan and the derelict Porsche 914 which used to be a fixture at El Corte de Madera. Ironically, a friend of ours claimed to know the person who originally abandoned the car there, decades ago.
[josh-atwater.jpg] Josh Sirota's Formula Ford was one of the fastest, and coolest, cars at the Atwater Pro Solo. Josh was nice enough to let me drive it at that event. It's a wonderful and fast car, but very sensitive. I spun it three times out of my first five runs. That made me appreciate how smooth Josh's driving is!
[JOSHLG.jpg] Here's another picture of Josh in his FF.
[josh-pro.jpg] ...and here's another.
[josh2.jpg] Here's a different Josh, Josh Hadler, in his Porsche 914, at Candlestick.
[jah.jpg] ... and another picture of Josh Hadler in his 914.
[pilar.jpg] Pilar Miranda in the CSP Miata she shares with Chris Cox.
[marchell.jpg] Marchell Fletcher in her Neon, up on three wheels at the San Bernardino National Tour.
[jeep.jpg] One of the best things about autocross is that anyone can play. One racer entered his Jeep at a race at Candlestick.

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