Nonotchka at the Door

(Cute poses from our Suburban Squirrels. Next: Ringtail.)

We put a little shelf on the glass door to the office so that we could train the squirrels to come to the door and let us know when they're here.

It always takes a while for squirrels to notice a new food source (they're surprisingly bad at finding nuts) but eventually they noticed it.

In some of these photos you'll see a smudge on the door: I think that's a nose-print from Notch, though this photo session shows Nonotchka. Notch's two teenagers have also discovered the door, though they're nervous about coming back when people are moving around inside the office. (Nonotchka and Notch have no such concerns. They've figured out where the nuts come from, and Nonotchka would come inside if we'd let her.
Nonotchka Outdoors
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Nonotchka at the Door
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(Nonotchka is one of our Suburban Squirrels. Next: Ringtail.)

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