Akkana's Wildlife Photography Collections

See also the photos from the SF Zoo and LA Zoo.

Collections of wild animal shots

[Western Bluebird] Birds: Wild birds of California (and some neighboring states), one or two shots per species. An ongoing project. [startled hummingbird] Hummingbird Photos.
[Suburban squirrel] Our Suburban Squirrels.
[mockingbird chick] Mockingbird chicks from a nest in the backyard. Or, if you prefer, the following year the same tree was used by mourning doves. [House sparrow feeding chick] Bird Feeder pictures: birds at the feeder, sparrows feeding their young.
[California newt] Newts and salamanders [Asian longhorn beetle?] Insects and other creepy-crawlies (not much there yet)
[Red-tailed hawk on Boccardo trail] Red-tailed hawk shots from the Boccardo trail near Alum Rock in San Jose ... plus deer. I was testing a new camera. [Gull at Shoreline] Shorebirds at Shoreline Park in Mountain View, CA ... with avocet chicks!

Some individual wildlife pictures

Miscellaneous photos that don't have a page to belong to.
[Seal watching me] Curious harbor seal at Bean Hollow state beach. [seals napping] Seals napping on the rocks.

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