[Robot car at GetSET 2012]

Robots and Sensors Workshop: Instructor notes

An all day workshop by Akkana Peck, for high school senior girls,
as part of GetSET Summer Week 2012 and 2013

This is a longer version of the basic program page including more discussion for instructors.


(There typically isn't time to do all of these in the morning -- which ones are best to drop? It's probably best to drop pushbuttons and light sensors but keep potentiometers. Definitely make sure there's enough time before lunch to cover making sounds.)

Concepts to get across during the morning:

Afternoon: Projects!

There's a separate page with some ideas for afternoon projects.

Discuss options for team projects for the rest of the afternoon. Some ideas:

Find out who's interested in working on what (if everybody wants to hear about something, can do that in front of the class; there's a lot of variety, then teams can all work separately).

It's also fine for teams to join up and do a bigger project: like one team build a moving car while another team works on a sensor that will sit on the car.

End of day: show & tell! What did you build, how does it work, what parts were hard to figure out, what did you learn?

Equipment list:

[Robot car at GetSET 2012]

For each team:


I have some sample code in my github Arduino repository plus lots more Arduino information.