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Fri, 01 Oct 2004

New showpix script now uses PHP

I'd been meaning for ages to write a PHP version of my showpix.cgi Perl script, to show images without needing a separate .html file generated for each image. I finally did it this morning, and it was much easier than I expected, and seems to run a lot faster than the perl CGI (not surprising, since PHP is cached in our web server and perl isn't; so this should be more scaleable and less load on the server).

The hardest part was writing the Python script to generate a new showpix.php for a directory of images, and that only because of all the escaping of quotes that needed to be done when telling python to print a line that tells php to print a line to serve up over http ...

Anyway, I've converted the Flume Trail images to use the new PHP stuff, and I've updated the page for the Imagebatch scripts to include PHP ability.

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Democrat site completely fails with large fonts

Latest accessibility gaffe:

The web site for the Democratic Party is totally screwed up if your fonts are even one step larger than the default. Try it! (ctrl-+ in mozilla.) I wonder if it ever occurred to them that many of those precious Florida voters are older, and need to use large fonts?

I sent them a note, with screenshots of the top of the site and some unreadable text farther down.

I wonder if the Republican site is any better? I'm not sure where it is, and oddly, googling for "republican party" doesn't get anything that looks like an official nationwide site on the first page.

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