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Mon, 11 Aug 2008

Pho 0.9.6-pre1

I've been using my pre-released 0.9.6-pre1 version of pho, my image viewer, for ages, now, and it's been working fine. I keep wanting to release it, but there were a couple of minor bugs that irritated me and I hadn't had time to track down. Tonight, I finally got caught up with my backlog and found myself with a few extra minutes to spare, and fixed the last two known bugs. Quick, time to release before I discover anything else!

(There were a couple other features I was hoping to implement -- multiple external commands, parsing a .phorc file, and having Keywords mode read and write the Keywords file itself -- but none of those is terribly important and they can wait.)

It's only a -pre release, but I'm not going to have a long protracted set of betas this time. 0.9.6-pre1 is very usable, and I'm finding Keywords mode to be awfully useful for classifying my mountain of back photos.

So, pho users, give it a try and let me know if you see any bugs! It's my hope to release the real 0.9.6 in a week or two, if nobody finds any monstrous bugs in the meantime.

Get Pho here.

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