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Sun, 09 Nov 2008

Pho 0.9.6 finally released!

[pho image viewer] Pho 0.9.6-pre3 has been working great for me for about a month, and I've been trying to find the time to do a release. I finally managed it this weekend, after making a final tweak to change the default PHO_REMOTE command from gimp-remote to gimp since gimp-remote is obsolete and is no longer built by default.

The big changes from 0.9.5 are Keywords mode, slideshow mode, the new PHO_REMOTE environment variable, swapping -f and -F, and a bunch of performance work and minor bug fixing.

I built deb packages for Ubuntu (Hardy, but they should work on Intrepid too) and Debian (Etch), as well as the usual source tarball, and they're available at the usual place:

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