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Wed, 24 Jun 2009

Keeping external kernel modules from being deleted

I've been enjoying my random system beeps, different every day. At least up until yesterday, when I didn't seem to have one. Today I didn't have one either, and discovered that was because the beep module was no longer loaded.

Why not? Well, I updated my kernel to tweak some ACPI parameters (fruitlessly, as it turns out; I'm trying to get powertop to give me more information but I haven't found the magic combination of kernel parameters it wants on this machine) and so I did a make modules_install. And it seems that make modules_install starts out by doing rm -rf /lib/modules/VERSION/kernel which removed my externally built beep module along with everything else.

I couldn't find documentation on this, but I did find Intel Wireless bug 556 which talks about the issue. Apparently somewhere along the way 2.6 started doing this rm -rf, but you can get around it by installing outside the kernel directory.

In other words, instead of

cp beep.ko /lib/modules/
cp beep.ko /lib/modules/
Then your external module won't get wiped out at the next modules_install.

I've let the maintainer of Fancy Beeper know about this, so it won't be a problem for that module, but it's a good tip to know about in general -- I'm sure there are lots of modules that hit this problem.

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