Beginning Python, Lesson 3: Strings and Lists (Shallow Thoughts)

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Sun, 03 Jul 2011

Beginning Python, Lesson 3: Strings and Lists

Lesson 3 in my online Python course is up: Fun with Strings and Lists.

There may be some backlog on the mailing list -- my first attempt to post the lesson didn't show up at all, but my second try made it. Mail seems to be flowing now, but if you try to post something and it doesn't show up, let me know or tell us on, so we know if there's a continuing problem that needs to be fixed, not just a one-time glitch.

Meanwhile, I'm having some trouble getting new blog entries posted. Due to some network glitches, I had to migrate to a different ISP, and it turns out the PyBlosxom 1.4 I'd been using doesn't work with more recent versions of Python; but none of my PyBlosxom plug-ins work in 1.5. Aren't software upgrades a joy? So I'm getting lots of practice debugging other people's Python code trying to get the plug-ins updated, and there probably won't be many blog entries until I've figured that out.

Once that's all straightened out, I should have a cool new PyTopo feature to report on, as well as some Arduino hacks I've had on the back burner for a while.

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