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Fri, 13 May 2011

Children of the Code -- Derived Python projects

I got some fun email today -- two different people letting me know about new projects derived from my Python code.

One is M-Poker, originally based on a PyQt tutorial I wrote for Linux Planet. Ville Jyrkkä has taken that sketch and turned it into a real poker program. And it uses PySide now -- the new replacement for PyQt, and one I need to start using for MeeGo development. So I'll be taking a look at M-Poker myself and maybe learning things from it. There are some screenshots on the blog A Hacker's Life in Finland.

The other project is xkemu, a Python module for faking keypresses, grown out of pykey, a Python version of my Crikey keypress generation program. looks like a neat project -- you can run it and send it commands to generate key presses, rather than just running a script each time.

(Sniff) My children are going out into the world and joining other projects. I feel so proud. :-)

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