How to Assemble a Stem on a Threadless Headset (Shallow Thoughts)

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Mon, 18 Mar 2024

How to Assemble a Stem on a Threadless Headset

(This is a followup to Upgrading an Old 1-1/4" Cannondale to a Modern 1-1/8" Fork.)

After installing a new headset and fork on my mountain bike, I slid the stem onto the new steerer tube, cinched it up, tightened the top bolt and went for a test ride.

It tested out fine, but the way I'd installed it was exactly wrong, and I didn't realize it until I did some more reading. It turns out cinching down a threadless headset requires a step that's not at all obvious if you don't know any better. Or at least it wasn't obvious to me.

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