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Fri, 29 Mar 2024

Gmail with an App Password

In 2022 I wrote about Sending Mail via Gmail using OAuth2.

But it turned out that Google expires OAuth2 tokens on a weekly basis. So if you use that method, once a week you'll have to bring up a browser, log in to your Google account and go through the five or so pages of re-authorizing. Which will invariably happen when you're in a hurry and just wanted to send a quick email so you can move on to other things.

However, it turns out there's an easier way, which apparently doesn't expire: App passwords. I switched to using app passwords back then (I've been using that app password since then), and I even wrote it up, and then forgot to post it. What a dingbat!

But I changed my GMail password recently, and it turns out when you change your Gmail account password, Google revokes all app passwords you've set up (and, of course, doesn't bother to tell you that, and the error message you get when you try to sign in with the old app password has nothing whatever to do with the actual problem, which is that your app password has been revoked and you need to create a new one).

So I dug out this old never-got-posted article and used it to make a new app password, and have updated the parts that were a little out of date.

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