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Mon, 25 May 2020

L is for Lovely Lenticular, and Lift, and Lost Airplanes

[Complex cloud formation]

Driving down to Española a few days ago, I was struck by this lovely cloud formation -- a lenticular cloud over the Sangre de Cristos, with something more cumulussy in front of it.

Though admittedly, lenticular clouds aren't particularly uncommon here. The Sangres, in particular, seem to form eddies that lead to all sorts of interesting lenticular cloud structures.

Lenticulars apparently are good indicators of lift: glider pilots seek them out. I guess if we had more moisture in the air, we might have seen some lenticulars over the field Sunday morning when we were flying R/C planes at Overlook.

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Sun, 03 Feb 2019

A Spectacular Lenticular

I was hurrying to check in some tweaks to the BillTracker before leaving to join some friends for dinner when I noticed some beautiful clouds over the Sangre de Cristos.

"That's a spectacular lenticular!" I exclaimed, grabbing the camera.

[Spectacular lenticular cloud]

The clouds got even better ten minutes later as the sunset turned the clouds salmon-pink, but alas by then we were pulling up to a friend's driveway and didn't have a clear view, and by the time I did, I'd lost the light.

When I offloaded the photos from the camera's SD card this morning to see how the photos came out, I found some older photos from our snowstorm a few weeks ago. In particular, a photo of that curly dragon-droop glacier above the den deck after it fell. Before and after:

[] []

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