About Los Alamos Meetings

and How to Use This Page

The purpose of this page is to provide a simplified view of county government meetings in Los Alamos, NM.

Los Alamos announces its meetings on a calendar page on a service called Legistar. To find out about new meetings, you have to

  1. Load the calendar page every day
  2. Scan the page for meetings and try to remember which ones are newly listed
  3. For each meeting, check and see whether it has an agenda link yet, and if so, try to remember if that's new since you last looked
  4. Whether or not the agenda is new, download the PDF, view it, and see if any part of it has changed since you last looked

I mean, wow, you really have to be dedicated to keep track of meetings in Los Alamos.

Los Alamos Meetings gives you a page you can check every day to find out which meetings have been newly added to the list, and which ones now have agendas that didn't before. It can also detect when an agenda changes, and show a page highlighting the changes.

About RSS

You're welcome to use this service as a web page, but its primary purpose as an RSS feed.

I point my RSS reader at the Los Alamos Meetings RSS Feed once a day, and it only shows me what's changed since yesterday.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It's a way of keeping track of things you've already seen so you only read the ones that are new, and it's widely used on sites like newspapers and blogs that are constantly adding new content.

Here's an article describing how Google is re-adding it as a feature in Chrome: Google rediscovers RSS: tests new feature to ‘follow’ sites in Chrome on Android. And a web search for rss reader will get you a list of ways to follow an RSS feed: I recommend limiting the search to "Past year" since there are some older RSS readers that are no longer supported. Wikipedia also has a Comparison of feed aggregators ("feed aggregators" means more or less the same thing as "RSS reader").

Ironically, Los Alamos' Legistar calendar has an RSS button on the page -- but the button doesn't do anything. It's just a bare icon sitting there with no link attached. Similarly, there's a button you can click on for "Alerts", where you can sign up for email alerts -- but those are only for county council meetings, not the other meetings, and it doesn't even tell you about all the council meetings, and doesn't give any hint what might be on the agenda.

Whether you use RSS or just visit the main page, I hope you find Los Alamos Meetings useful. Feel free to email Akkana if you have questions, problems or feature requests.

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