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As far as I'm concerned, the most beautiful place in the world is the Moab, Utah area, and I visit there whenever I can (every year or two).

This picture shows Castle Valley as viewed from the top of the Porcupine Rim trail.
[Posing at Porcupine Rim] This is the top of the Porcupine Rim trail, overlooking Castle Valley, which includes some of the best and prettiest singletrack in the country.
[Priest and Nuns] Here's a closer look at the Castle Valley rock formation from the previous shot, which is called "Priest and Nuns".
[moab scenery] Here's another scenic from the same area, along the Colorado northeast of Moab.
[Moab Rim] Here's the view from the top of Moab Rim, looking southwest toward the Colorado. The spires on the horizon are Canyonlands National Park.
[no thumbnail yet] Poison Spider Mesa.
[There's something wrong with the colormap on this image -- I'll re-scan the shot and upload a new one soon.]
[no thumbnail yet] The Slickrock Trail, which has lots of challenging drop-offs.
[Both of these shots also need to be re-scanned.]
[Petroglyphs near Moab] Native American petroglyphs near Moab.

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