The Shallow Sky (a mailing list for lunar/planetary observers)

Sorry, but the Shallow Sky mailing list is no more. Traffic had been almost nonexistent for a long time, and when I moved the website to a new host that didn't have mailman installed, I closed it.

The rest of this page is just archived for posterity.

The Shallow Sky mailing list is intended as a meeting place for lunar and planetary observers (as opposed to "deep sky" observers), expert and novice alike, where we can share our enthusiam for the fascinating and beautiful inhabitants of our solar system, and trade observations, techniques, and news.

Shallow Sky Frequently Asked Questions:

Once you're on the list, you can post to the list by sending mail to shallow-sky @ (address expanded here so that the list won't be a target of spammers -- sorry!)

There are no fixed guidelines; postings on recent observations are welcomed, as are postings relating to other topics of interest to lunar and planetary observers (e.g. planetary eyepieces, seeing conditions, history of observations of Saturn's ring gaps, etc). Discussion of equipment used for shallow sky observing is welcome (but flame wars regarding brand-name or "my telescope type is better than yours" are not: please keep discussions civil). Discussion of comets, asteroids and other solar system inhabitants are welcomed as well.

Subscription information To subscribe, unsubscribe, edit your options or view the archives, go to the Shallow Sky mailing list page.

July 2011: The list has moved to a new host! That means it's now a mailman list, with archives and everything. Please let me know if you have any problems.

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