Books on Planetary Observing

This is a tally of the books recommended in a discussion of "Your three favorite shallow sky observing books" on the Shallow Sky mailing list.
Title Author(s) Votes Comments
The Planet Observer's Handbook Fred W. Price 5
Atlas of the Moon Antonin Rukl 6 "indispensable"
Note! This is temporarily out of print -- Sky Publishing took over the rights from Kalmbach. It is hoped that it will be back in print soon, perhaps in early 2002. In the meantime, you might be able to find a used copy.
The New Atlas of the Universe Patrick Moore 1
Observing and Photographing the Solar System Dobbins, Parker and Capen 4
The Planet Jupiter Peek 1 "too detailed for most readers", "dated"
The Planet Saturn Alexander 3 "too detailed for most readers", "dated"
The New Solar System Kelly Beatty, Carolyn Petersen, and Andrew Chaikin 3
Solar Astronomy Handbook Beck et al 1
The Geology of the Terrestrial Planets Michael H Carr 1 "has everything", out of print
A Portfolio of Lunar Drawings Harold Hill 1 "beautiful sketches"
The Moon, an observing guide to backyard telescopes ? 1
Hatfield Lunar Atlas ? 1
Seeing the Solar System Fred Schaff 1
RASC Observers Handbook Royal Astro. Soc. of Canada 1 "full of all kinds of info", "indispensable"
Observing the Moon North 1
Observing the Moon Wlasuk 1
The Amatuer Astonomer's Handbook Sidgwick 1 mostly about hardware; possibly "Observational Astronomy for Amateurs" instead?
Handbook for Planetary Observers Gunter Roth 1
Astronomy a Handbook G.D. Roth 1
A Complete Manual of Amateur Astronmy P.Clay Sherrod 1 "inspired me to obtain some of the A.L.P.O observing manuals"
The Giant Planet Jupiter John H. Rogers 1 "updates and replaces Peek"
High Resolution Astrophotography Jean Dragesco 1 "the finest book ever written on the subject"